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If you are planning a funeral and need to make arrangements quickly after the death of your loved one, one of the first decisions you have to make is to choose a funeral director. If you have never been in a position where you must choose a funeral director to help you plan, here are some tips to help you make the right decision. [Sources: 10, 20]

  1. Become familiar with the funeral director and their team. 

Before you decide to work with a particular funeral director, you should first check to see what the reviews of their services through google reviews or even through Facebook are, before making any decisions about working together. [Sources: 15] Check to see what the reviews of their services through google reviews or even through Facebook.

2. Taking care of your loved one is the key priority.

Once you have made your selection, your local funeral director coordinates the details and confirms that the family’s instructions and wishes are being met. They will take care of all the arrangements to move the deceased to the local funeral home. If you are in the hospital, when your funeral director arrives, ask a few questions about the wishes of the deceased and arrange a time when your family can be home to make arrangements for your loved one’s funeral.

3. Can you visit your loved ones, when they are in the care of the funeral director?

Your conversation with the funeral director will include the collection of your loved one and the best time of day and night to come to our funeral home. Most funeral homes will go out of their way to grant you access to your loved one. Most of the highly reputable funeral directors will be flexible to organise access to your loved one at any time during the day (within reason).  There is a cost incurred when visiting your loved one after hours. This is normally to cover the cost of having someone from the mortuary attend.

4. Arranging the funeral, things to remember?

Given this is a challenging time, it is important that the funeral director that you have decided on, is not only empathetic but confident, experienced, and a great organiser. They will be expected to be your right-hand person, guiding you through the stages of the funeral preparation, the day of the funeral, and the post-funeral administration requirements. They will oversee the entire operation from the mortuary through to the preparation, and final cremation or burial. 

Experienced funeral directors will be able to confirm if there is a pre-paid funeral plan already in place.

A pre-paid funeral essentially covers the cost of the funeral and is usually paid for by the loved one that has passed during their lifetime.

5. What if I want to organise it myself?

Sometimes, you may not feel comfortable or connect with a funeral director, even after searching through the local Sydney providers. If you do not want to appoint a licensed funeral director, you can apply for a single burial permit, which is a requirement of the local government.  You will still need to organise a funeral director to transfer your loved one into their care, and to prepare them for the burial or cremation. It is recommended that even if you plan to organise it yourself, that a funeral director is engaged to guide the family on what is required, particularly from an administration perspective.

6. What do I have to pay for when planning a funeral?

The costs of the funeral directors and their service can vary between each funeral Director. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable with the funeral director, build trust with them, that they will cater to your needs, and provide you with as much creative control as necessary, to ensure that everything is being catered for your family.  A reputable funeral director will also be available to answer any pricing questions too.

Your funeral director is an arranger of end-of-life events. This is something they are extremely comfortable with dealing with, and their pricing should reflect their experience and overall service, cleanliness and up to date facilities.

7. Does the funeral director need to arrange and manage the guests at the funeral?

There are other elements of the funeral that will need to be catered for, from greeting your family and guests at the viewing, funeral or cremation through to liaising with the celebrant/priest/minister for any final service arrangements.

Your selected funeral director will coordinate and carry out the entire funeral requirements. This includes serving as a guide and comfort during the funeral process, but also planning, planning, and planning. [Sources: 0, 12], Contact Victoria Cross Funerals for assistance.

























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