Find out the 3 things that inspired Victoria Vitetzakis, to launch her own Funeral service business in Sydney

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My name is Victoria, and yes, I feel very honoured to be able to launch my own Funeral Home in Sydney and support families and individuals across Sydney and the metropolitan areas with their funeral service needs.

A little bit about me and what has driven me to creating the Victoria Cross Funeral home.

As a busy and organised mum of three young children, together with my supportive husband, living in a southern Sydney suburb, I have been blessed to be brought up in a typical Greek household.  My family is filled with the rich Greek Orthodox traditions and cultural milestones.  As Greek families are known, I too have been brought up in a household where philoxenia (philox-e-ni-a), compassion and taking care of our friends and extended family, becomes second nature.

“ philoxenia, compassion and taking care of our friends and extended family, becomes second nature”

So naturally, when I began in the funeral industry, regardless of the religious background or denomination of the funeral that I was planning, my Greek upbringing of being hospitable and compassionate, supported my passion for creating a personal funeral service experience every time. A personal experience that would rarely be found on any website service description, has become my signature in the funeral industry.  

A mobile service was initially the way the business began and now, with a growing demand for a space outside our client’s home, Victoria Cross Funerals, secured a comfortable office to welcome our client’s and their families.

Embarking on this journey was initially a little daunting, but with the amazing team, friends and funeral partners that have rallied in support of Victoria Cross Funerals, I feel truly blessed that we have created a Sydney Funeral Service that will be here, servicing the community for years to come.

How can I take care of you?

In a time of grief, my attention and that of my team’s, is to make sure that you and your family & friends, are guided through the funeral process with empathy, compassion, clear communication at all times and with the utmost respect. My experience in the funeral service industry began in 2012 and since then, I have worked in Funeral homes across Sydney.

“Victoria Cross Funerals brings knowledge, an experienced team, respectful facilities, key ingredients of compassion, respect and dignity for the recently departed loved one and their family”

Starting Victoria Cross Funerals meant that I could bring to my clients, my knowledge, a team that has strong funeral service experience and backed up by facilities that I have searched high and wide for (mortuary, viewing room and chapel) that continue to honour the recently passed family member, by being clean & modern and in one easy access & convenient location.

You can feel confident knowing that I and my team will always treat your family with respect and dignity and that you will always be cared for in a truly professional & personal way.

To contact me directly or to speak to one of my team members please contact us now via email or phone  (02) 9188 7708.

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