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Common questions about funeral flowers that you don’t want to ask, but need the answers to.

If you are looking for the rules for selecting funeral flowers, you can start your search here.  Here we have 
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A day in the life of a funeral director – 3 things you probably didn’t know

Most people in the community, may not necessarily know what the role of a funeral director is. You would assume 
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7 things that you should know/prepare when your loved one has passed

To help you during this challenging and emotional time, the Victoria Cross Team have prepared a checklist, using their years of experience that they feel would help someone going through this stage in their life.
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Protecting your family from future funeral costs, 3 things you probably need to think about

Protecting your family from unexpected future financial costs, is one reason why many Australians have begun working with their financial planner or local funeral service provider to safeguard and protect their families.
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